Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bufflehead 4-25-09

Had a great time out fishing this weekend, although the weather was a big disappointment.  Tim and I first hit Cottonmill Lake in Kearney where I came up with a big channel cat and Tim had a big Largemouth.  Later we moved onto Fort Kearney to camp for the night.  In the morning before we headed out I caught a 16" largemouth just standing on the edge.  The we headed out to Bufflehead where I caught 2 really nice largemouth in a short amount of time.  One is pictured below with me in the photo.  It was so windy and cold we decided to try something else with more shelter and moved to Coot Shallows by Odessa, NE.  What an amazing sandpit!!  It's perfect for tubing and I caught 5 largemouth in about 1.5  hours and then we were freezing again. Photo is one of my fish with Tim in the background.